Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.


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Edgar from FFVI. Trying out inking with brush pen. :)

Sketch on paper :) Demona from Gargoyles…so nostalgic!!

iamkevdog asked:
How are you so pro at art? :D

I feel my skills aren’t adequate enough to answer such a question (not pro!), I suggest you go ask an actual pro artist (and then tell me what they say, wahaha!) ;P

Random doodle. Quite stressed out at the mo’. Do not want. :/


What is the meaning of life?

The third (and last?) instalment of TLoU fan films. Please do give it a chance and check them out! This team have constantly strived for a high standard and each time they’ve delivered. They have done a fantastic job, they’ve stayed faithful to the story and characters, and also the parts where they added their own touch didn’t hinder the story at all. Such an action-packed and explosive conclusion and an interesting twist in there, too. I loved how the extra bit at the end made more of a light-hearted ending with more closure. As a TLoU fan, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every instalment - they need more exposure, so what better place to spread the love, than on tumblr! :) 

The photo’s on a bit of an odd angle lol, but holy wow, I found this sketch I did maybe back in 2011?? Back when I was really into FMA. I never finished it though…wonder if I should…?





This is pretty serious stuff. Bayer might be about to overturn the EC’s decision to ban the pesticides implicated in killing off the bees! If they win this case, it could be truly disastrous for both the bees and our own future. Please share, and please see the SumOfUs link (no affiliation) to make a donation to help the campaign to save the bees.

Early in 2013, the European Food Safety Authority stated that three specific neonicotinoid insecticides (imidacloprid, clothianidin, and thiamethoxam) pose an acute risk to honeybees, and the European Commission proposed a two-year ban on them.

This is due to go into effect on Dec 1st – and the ban was introduced because of mounting scientific evidence that these insecticides, produced by Syngenta and Bayer, have been the agents responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder – a major problem threatening both the bees and the safety of our own food supply!

However in a horrifying twist, and despite huge public opposition, Syngenta and Bayer are now suing the European Commission over their “right” to continue to produce the pesticides which have been implicated in the massive die-off of millions of bees. Yes, their “right”. Because as we know, corporations’ sole agenda is to make money. They cannot let a trivial thing like nature get in their way.

These insecticides continue to be produced and used on a vast scale in the USA and in other countries and are huge moneymakers for the chemical corporations…


This threw up a few red flags when some of the links led to wiki pages but I looked up the lawsuit and it seems to be legit. Bayer is trying to lift the ban on pesticides that have been linked to the death of millions of bees in Europe. This is, unquestionably, terrible enough on its own, because bees are amazing little insects and deserve all our love, but if all the bees in the world go extinct, human life as we know it will change drastically. Produce will virtually cease to exist. That is a big freaking deal.

In addition to the donation page listed above, SumOfUs also has a petition going around that is still in need of signatures to help stop this. And it needs to be stopped. We cannot risk losing any more bees.

Bees get a pretty bad rap, but honestly? The scary, stingy things you’re afraid of? Most likely wasps. Bees, particularly honeybees and bumblebees, are just these fluffy little cuddle balls that fly around and pollinate stuff. They won’t sting you unless you’re a direct threat to them, because if they sting you, they’ll die. Don’t be scared of bees. Be scared for bees.

I’ve done as much looking around as I can because I know Tumblr is a cesspool of misinformation, and this looks as legit as it gets. Please tell people, sign the petition, and donate if you can.

And in the meantime, if you’re a gardner, please try to encourage bees to come to your garden. You can use the tips listed here. There’s also some information about different kinds of bees you might run into, in case you’d like to learn more about bees and why they’re wonderful.

Thanks for reading, guys. Please share this.


They need 60K more signature and time is almost up! Please sign and reblog!

bees are important as fuck

Reblogging for a good cause!!

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GoT s04e04

Just one thing.

Jaime/Brienne feels SQUEEEE!!! :3 

Also the part where they’re kinda lingering, I was like ‘kiss already!!’ Wahahaha! And how they kept looking at each other as she rode off…the feels!!

Ok that is all :P


The Assassin’s Den feat Olivia Morgan

Olivia Morgan is awesome! :3 and she voiced a badass character awesomely :D I fangirl’d a bit when she said some of Mary’s/James’ lines :3 hope to hear her voice more characters~

Hinata from Haikyuu. Yesterday @ iScribble (I happened to end up in a Haikyuu room lol. Drew this for the admin? of that chat room).

I usually pop into iscribble for a bit to doodle when I need a little break from work =P

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